You can trust the professional experience of renowned nutritionist Marianna Eglezou for you and your family. She has proven results working with hundreds of customers in Bulgaria and abroad.

Training and professional experience

Mariana Eglezou graduated with honors the Greek College SVEE in Athens (founded in 1966 – the best for medical professions) in 2008 as a specialist in Applied Nutrition and Nutrition.

Since 2008, she has been working at a dietetic center in Athens and now continues to work privately with hundreds of different clients, accumulating more than 10 years of experience.


The benefits of working with a professional dietician include:

  • Consultation, motivation and support
  • Professional preparation of an individual diet plan
  • Weight reduction and fat burning
  • Stronger immune system
  • Better mental and physical health.
  • Healthy nutrition protects you from various diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, diabetes, cancer, and others

The diet adapts to the age, sex, activity, nutritional needs and health of each person. The regimen provides the necessary substances for the body, healthy weight loss without starvation, metabolic regulation and curative nutrition. The dietician strictly adheres to the scientific rules for healthy eating when developing your personalized program.

Who is eligible for this counseling?

Consultations with a nutritionist are appropriate for anyone who wants to lead a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Measurement with professional tools show you your current condition (weight, fat, BMI) and what needs to be improved. With the individual diet, the weight is balanced and the desired goal is achieved – weight loss, weight gain or a better immune system.

What can I expect of my consultation with a nutritionist?

At the beginning of the consultation, the nutritionist will ask questions about your health status and goals. Then she will measure your body mass, body fat and weight. Then she will ask about your personal eating preferences. You can describe your preferences and habits for meals and what you want your diet program to include.

If you do not want to prepare all the food at home the diet can include meals from a favorite restaurant.

Your individual program will be prepared within 3 business days and sent via email.

Then you will be able to contact the nutritionist by phone, email, Viber or WhatsApp for questions.

Is it difficult to follow the diet?

No. The goal of the diet plan is not to starve, on the contrary, in a healthy way it will regulate your weight and improve your health. The individual program can become a lifestyle by periodically being corrected by your experienced nutritionist. You should not have difficulty following it because it is personalized to include foods you enjoy.

How much does it cost?

Consultation with a dietician and a monthly health regime is 80 BGN.

Consultation with a dietician and a monthly health regime for two is 130 BGN.

Special offer for overweight people – up to 20 kg lost for three month regime only for 190 BGN.