SPECIAL PROMOTION – 50% discount if you buy a package of 8 treatments

Only with us you receive 100% GUARANTEE for the effectiveness of the procedures!

–  If you buy a packet of 8 procedures you receive 50% discount and we give you a guarantee that about 80% of the hairs will dissappear.

–  If there are more than 80% hairs left we will give you one free procedure.

– If the hairs dissappear with less procedures and you have bought a 8 procedures package, you can use the rest of the amount for another area, for skin rejuvenation or for a massage.

No reason to worry that you will lose you investment. We give you a 100% guarantee for the quality!

Prices for Super Hair Removal from 10 BGN per procedureshr ipl

Save yourself the pain and wasted time of home hair removal. Allow yourself to be taken care of by the professionals at SPA Deluxe Cosmetic and Massage Studio and take advantage of our unique offer for permanent hair removal with the innovative SHR and IPL technologies.

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This is a method for permanent removal of the unwanted hairs, based on the selective photothermolisys. The intensed pulse light that is used is with a specifict spectral range from 600- 1200 nm. This technology attacks all hairs no matter what the depth of the folicle is. The light is absorbed by the melanin in the hairs, it heats the hair folicle (root) and the temperture of 60-70 degrees Celsius destroys it. Red and white hairs do not contain melanin and are not suitable for permanent hair removal.

The results are obvious from the first procedure. It is suitable for every phototype except VI (black skin). The cooling effect of the saphire crystal with 0 to -2 degrees temperature that has contact with the skin, achieves a almost painless and highly effective procedure.

Packages of 8 treatments of permanent hair removal have a discount of 50%


Packet of 8 procedures for an area50% discount50% discount
Upper lip20 BGN
(small area)
25 BGN25 BGN
(entire area)
35 BGN35 BGN
Cheeks35 BGN35 BGN
Sideburns25 BGN25 BGN
Neck40 BGN40 BGN
Whole face
(upper lip, cheeks, chin, sideburns)
85 BGN85 BGN
Underarms40 BGN45 BGN
Half arms55 BGN
60 BGN
Whole arms95 BGN
100 BGN
Lower back110 BGN125 BGN
Back190 BGN
210 BGN
Belly120 BGN135 BGN
Belly line
(area 10х15 сm)
50 BGN
50 BGN
Chest 120 BGN 135 BGN
Chest line
(area 10х15 сm)
50 BGN
50 BGN
Ariols 35 BGN
35 BGN
Bikini line50 BGN
Intimate area95 BGN
105 BGN
Perianal area50 BGN
60 BGN
Buttocks area100 BGN
115 BGN
Hips230 BGN250 BGN
Lower legs170 BGN190 BGN
Whole legs310 BGN330 BGN
Whole body530 BGN
Package includes: whole legs and arms, underarms, intimate area, perianal area
879 BGN
Package includes: whole legs and arms, underarms, intimate area, perianal area, back, chest
1 impulse 6 BGN
Packet of 8 procedures for an area50% discount50% discount

* The guarantee is valid if you buy a package of 8 procedures. It does not cover the recurrent hairs due to hormonal disbalance or other anomalies.

** Prices are per procedure. The best results are achieved with 6-8 procedures. Results depend on the phototype of the skin and the quantity of the melanin in the hairs, as well as on the hormonal balance and the age of the client.