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SPA Deluxe – Sofia


Immerse yourself in a real forest fairy tale at our SPA Deluxe Massage Studio!

Return your vitality and energy under the care of specialists and give your bliss of your senses in a relaxing setting. For thousands of years, the ancient tradition of massage art has been used as a relaxation therapy and has proven benefits for both the body and the mind.

SPA Deluxe – Sofia is a cozy massage studio run by a young family with the desire to create a non-standard place for relaxation and rest with customer care. Here you can find a wide variety of massages and spa treatments with all-natural products and pure vegetable oils. Our Visceral therapist will take care of you, as well as our professional cosmetologist, who is working with modern devices. All services are provided professionally by one or two therapists.

You can choose between our many offers or call us and we will be happy to help you choose a procedure tailored to your needs and preferences.

Take time for yourself and your loved ones in the SPA Deluxe massage studio – Sofia, right next to the city center.

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