What is the difference between photoepilation and laser epilation?

What is the difference between photoepilation and laser
Both laser and photoepilation are based on the principle of
selective photothermolysis, which states that light energy is
primarily absorbed by chromophore melanin found in the hair
and insignificantly absorbed by melanin in the surrounding
structures, which prevents thermal damage to the skin. In the
case of hair removal, the target is the peripheral melanin and the
surrounding epidermal melanin remains intact. The fact that
lasers and photoepilation devices can reach different
chromophores allows these devices to be marketed for epilation
as well as for treatment of vascular and pigment spots, wrinkles,
acne, and photo-rejuvenation.
The lasers have one wavelength whose absorption is specific to
the melanin to which it is directed. For example, a specific laser is
required for each type of skin and hair as they are not universal.
On the other hand, intensive pulsed light photoepilation devices
expose the patient to a wide spectrum of light energy. The
plurality of waves of different lengths are limited by filters,
typically in the range of 600-1200 nanometers.
Efficiency. The level of efficiency of these devices varies greatly.
Unfortunately, these devices are fundamentally different in their
ability to perform the functions they are intended for, including
the epilation feature. With both lasers and photoepilation
devices, performance depends on the power of the device and
on the skills and experience of the operator.

Myth. Photoepilation devices are not as effective as lasers.
Fact. The truth is that unskilled personnel and poor quality
appliances often lead to complications and poor results, whether
the device is laser or photoepilation.
Myth. Photoepilation is an outdated method. Laser is a new
Fact. It is true that IPL photoepilation is an earlier laser hair
removal method, but since then, science has evolved and
technology is advancing. The latest methods for permanent hair
removal come from photoepilation, namely E-light and SHR.
Side Effects. With a quality permanent hair removal device and
the right settings for the individual procedure according to the
client's needs, the side effects are minimized. Quality equipment
provides skin protection from a specialized cooling system. SHR
devices are unsurpassed in epilation because they provide
virtually painless and effective procedures thanks to sapphire
crystal that has touch to the skin and cools it as it is 0 to -2
The fastest painless and effective method for permanent hair
removal is the new SHR technology. For more information,
please contact the SPA Deluxe Cosmetic and Massage Specialists
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